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Could A Cosmetic Dentist Solve Your Tooth Problems?

Many people have problems with their teeth, and are uncertain what type of dentist they need to schedule an appointment with. Some people consider seeing an orthodontist for their misaligned teeth, still others make appointments with a cosmetic dentist for crooked teeth.

A cosmetic dentist can do procedures that improve the look of your smile. Some of the things that are commonly addressed by a cosmetic dentist are:

• Teeth that are slightly misaligned. Not teeth that are extremely crooked, and turned sideways, but teeth that are slightly uneven. The application of veneers over the natural teeth can create an illusion of a perfect uniformity between the teeth.

• Tooth enamel that has become stained through years of abuse. When we drink coffee, tea, red wine, and other things that can stain our teeth, we know that we are doing damage. Most of the time we can use tooth whiteners to remove these stains, or reduce the appearance of them, but after many years of subjected the enamel to these staining agents we may find ourselves in the dentist chair getting porcelain veneers placed on our teeth.

• Discoloration of the tooth enamel that is caused by medications the person has taken in the past can only be corrected by covering the natural tooth with a porcelain veneer. The veneer covers the damages that were done, without the dentist having to compromise the integrity of the natural tooth.

• If you have chipped one of your front teeth, and feel self-conscious about the way it now looks, then you might want to consider getting it covered up.

• Teeth that have gaps that are not wide enough to need braces, but are too wide for your comfort, can be corrected using veneers.

Enhancing your looks through dental applications requires a dentist that practices in the application of veneers, and other procedures, but the correction of actual problems with your teeth requires dental care from different types of dentists.

If you need a tooth removed you may have this done by someone that practices general dentistry, or you may need an oral surgeon. You will need to see a general practitioner for a recommendation to an oral surgeon.

If you have severely crooked teeth, or teeth that overlap, you will need to see an orthodontist to have braces placed on the teeth. Braces are metal brackets and wires that are applied in such a manner that they create a steady pressure on the teeth. The steady pressure causes the teeth to move slowly and reposition.

If you have tori you will need an oral surgeon to chisel the additional bone mass from your jaw bone for you? You will need to see your primary care dentist first, to establish the presence of tori.

If you need replacement teeth you need a dentist that specializes in dentures, bridges, partial plates, and things of this nature. The replacing of one or more teeth can be performed in several different ways, but you will need to see a dentist that does this particular type of work.

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